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Famous Martial Artists

People who practice any disciplined style of combat that espouses self-defence, and leads to the betterment of the mind, body and spirit are those individuals known as martial artists. Martial artistry also takes the form of competitions and exhibitions, allowing the experts to showcase their specific styles of combat. Martial arts have been around for millennia, with records indicating drilled combat styles within Egypt and China as far back as 4,000 years in the past. When looking throughout the European continent, Greece holds the oldest accounts of martial arts combat in forms like wrestling and Pankration, the latter of which could be seen as the progenitor of Mixed Martial Arts due to its combination of wrestling, boxing, kicks, holds and even biting. While martial arts have been cultivated by humanity for centuries, the idea of martial arts as a sport did not take root until the 19th century. This era is when forms like kendo, fencing, boxing and karate take root. A true martial…
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Vital Technology Trends to Understand in 2018

Technology in 2017 brought us many advancements, including voice recognition in the form of digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo, augmented shopping, and the first driverless car pick-up program in the states. We are a curious species, though, and we have continued those advancements into 2018. You’ll want to keep the following technology trends on your radar for the remainder of 2018 and into 2019. AI continues to progress Artificial intelligence is being incorporated into as many programs as possible, and it’s becoming more humanized. In 2017, Sophia the robot was introduced to the United Nations and was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia. AI continues to develop and has become more creative, making music, writing, and even making cookies. While these advancements are impressive, it’s also becoming more difficult to discern what is real. AI is at the stage where it’s entirely possible for convincing, fake, footage to be created. Centralization of smart appliances and ap…